O road of many intentions

O road of many intentions.

I watch the wandering framework of my mind

As it walks incarnation after incarnation

Through the journey of desire.

These corridors have come and gone many times before

And they echo the voice of the ages

Where does your happiness lie?

Where does your happiness lie?

Beyond the stars or in some accumulation of ideas or things?

These phenomenal worlds are replete with names and forms

All of which reflect the beauty of the One,

The endless creativity of a million-year mind.

Yet behind every shadow is light. 

Even the decaying rose gives its fragrance to the earth

To see the One in all and all in the One

Allows our intentions to be revealed

For just as all rivers lead to the Ocean,

Our heart guides us ever so slowly to one singular place:

The ever-radiant, ever-blissful, ever-new presence of God.

This journey of intention reveals that we cannot hide.

Whatever we seek is even more fervently seeking us, 

For behind all the shadows, you are lying in Its radiant arms.
Authored by Rev. Jeffrey, 2016