A Year in Review



New Building
: our facility search team

  • Weekly Facility Search Team meetings
  • Contract Negotiations (old contract with Dumas Bay, new one here)
  • All the many details of moving into a new place: new teams, where are the light-switches, heat in the sanctuary


Ordained in Jan. 30th 2016

  • Installation 2/7 2016 Rev. Terry Murray from Unity of Olympia: 


Classes: 5 weeks Biology of Belief; 5 weeks Metaphysics 1

  • 2 New Member’s Classes: 8….2 New Member’s Sundays
  • Circle of Light (topics): 10, at Deli Smith and here at the Spire
  • Enneagram: Ruth Rogers and Gary Trantham


Weddings: Frank and Chantelle Olsen, Larry Woodin and Andy Mygovich 

Baby Blessing: Simon Blair


Special Services

  • White Stone 
  • Easter: idea to create a beautiful cross (Dan Peart did it)
  • Children’s Service: Youth did everything…music, message, inspiration reading
  • Mother’s Day: Slide show of photos of our Mother’s and quotes
  • Father’s Day
  • Grand opening: fun playing the saxophone with Serni on clarinet (Saints Go Marching In)
  • Children’s Christmas Play: The Gift
  • Candlelight Service
  • Christmas Day: lit Candles and set intentions for peace
  • Burning Bowl


Special Events 

  • Sound Blessings: Rene Jenkins
  • Rona Yellowrobe: Native American Flute and Crystal Bowl
  • 2 Trips to a Buddhist Monastery 
  • Kriya Yoga Workshop
  • Tacoma Pride
  • Paint Tacoma: paint the home of a low-income family
  • Kid’s Pancake Breakfast fundraiser
  • Truck or Treat
  • Fall Synergy: Wayne Dyer’s Book: Wishes Fulfilled
  • Auction: Havana Nights Sizzling with Spirit 

Local/Regional/National Connections:

Local Minister’s in Federal Way: monthly meetings

Met Rev. Francis Lorenz

Breakfast at Unity of Lynnwood

NW Regional Conference

Unity Peoples’ Convention (our National Conference)


Team Building: Gardening Team was created, Harmony Helpers Team was created, Volunteer Coordinating Team was created, Improvements in Sound Team (2 projector screens, new mics), Flowers, Social Action is beginning, Set-up Team, 


Trainings: 2 PA Trainings, Usher Training, Board Training


Guest Speakers: Derek Olsen, Rev. E.J. Niles, Rev. Sherrie Shultz


Monthly Involvement

Board Meetings, Tithe Team, Youth Director, Meditation Leader, Prayer Chaplain Meetings (suicide awareness), Wednesday night meditation meeting (2 devotional chanting), Youth Ed Meetings, VCT Meetings

  • Attended Auction Meetings
  • Budget Meetings and Preparation
  • Last but certainly not least: Meals and discussions with many of you


Weekly: Staff Meetings

Writing Weekly Talks

Pastoral Care: hospital visits, assisted living visits, counseling, prayer calls to congregants, and constant prayers and connections with all of you.



New Member’s Class

Singing Bowls and Harp

Leadership Training


  • Pledge Drive.  Increase our tithes 141 to 158k.  If you look at our total income, just over $1000/month.  Hired a nursery lead…paying our sound guys a little more, involved Youth department  
  • I invite you to ask yourself: What can you commit to of that 158k.  Maybe it’s just a small amount each month, but even if it is a small amount, it all adds up.

Prosperity Plus

Paint Tacoma

Church Picnic

Fall Synergy

Class in the Fall



  • Continue to develop and encourage strong, independent leaders
  • Me to We (continuing): moving from minister-centered to community centered
  • 1 of me and 100 of us.
  • Invitation to take ideas and put them into action
  • Knowing you are empowered
  • taking that first step

1. Connection (inclusivity)

  • Hiking Club
  • Movie Group
  • Eating after church
  • Multicultural event

2. Education (connects us) (inspiration and exploration)

  • Teach a Class 
  • 1.5 hour workshop on Dream Interpretation
  • Cooking Class
  • Art Class: Unleashing Your Divine Creativity
  • Hosting a book study at your home

3. Outreach: 

  • Working with an Islamic Community: demonstration of our support of all religious traditions
  • Serving homeless at St. Leo’s
  • Collecting food for a Foodbank
  • Connecting with CSL Tacoma.  Movie Night each week.  Buddhist meditation each week.

Remember we do it together…faith, follow-through, fun!



Our Mission: We are an inspiring and inclusive spiritual community, exploring and expressing our highest potential and divine nature!


Let’s have another great year!