"Awakening Human Hearts" by Rev. Jeffrey Fowler

Awakening Human Hearts


"The world is watching, taking cues from you.

Human hearts are awakening everywhere.

Even in the darkest hearts…there is love…

There is a tender soul just wanting to come back home…not knowing the way.


Show people the way back home through your kindness and your love.


It may have seemed like Jesus was in a remote corner of the world, doing a small ministry with 60-70 people…sometimes he’d have a good Sunday and 3000 or 5000 would show up.

But the effects of his kindness and love rippled…and grew.


Everything kind gesture, every loving thought you have is a triumphant entry into Jerusalem…

The place of peace…in your heart.

For decades we have crucified of our true nature…

We have doubted it.

We have feared it.

Now it is time for that true nature to rise…


Your light and your voice are important.

Do everything you can to keep your spirit high…your consciousness whole…

Your kindness flowing…

Remember: you, you, you make a difference…

The smallest gesture from you, in the right place at the right time, could be the spark that may just ignite the world…but this time ignite it in love.

It is time for the resurrection of the Christ…of our true divine nature…Unity on our planet.

That Unity starts with you.

And so it is.