The Energy of Fire

As we experience the wildfires at this time of year, let us remember the energy of fire.

Fire is the energy of purification and transformation. Without this powerful catalyst, the vital nutrients and nourishing energy of nature is not returned to the earth.

Although it may seem like the fire is only here to destroy, it also prepares the way for new life. Seen symbolically, we all need the energy of fire to move us forward, to clear the old, and to awaken us to the new.

The spiritual energy of fire burns away the accumulated cross of old thoughts and emotions, making way for the beautiful sprouts of new life.

How can we let go of the old and be receptive the fire of God burning within us? How can we be open to the seeds of new life?

The spiritual energy of fire will move us forward on our path if we let it. It comes to lighten our load, propel us forward, and prepare the soil of our consciousness for transformation.

Rev. Jeffrey Fowler