Minutes for April 1, 2021


Minutes for April 1, 2021


Opening Prayer – The monthly meeting of the Unity of South Sound (USS) Board started at 6:30 PM (online via Zoom) with an opening prayer by Rev. Jeffrey.

Board of Trustee (BOT) members, Ruth Rogers, Rev. Jeffrey Fowler, Lisa Hagen, Michele Millsap, David Sandall-Hill, Nancy Jackson, and Janine Hall were in attendance.

Check In – Board members checked in with one another. 


Counting Tithes Check Signing –David & Michele are available most Sundays, except 4/11 (Michele gone, but Stacey or Josh will be the 2nd signer) and 4/18 (David gone, he’s asking Annie if she can be 2nd). David will be the person to make sure tithe counting is scheduled each month. Michele will email Heidi this month.

Secretary’s Report / Board Minutes – the March minutes were approved via email

Tithe Report – Rev. Jeffrey will get back to us on this as the report is not out yet. He will send by email and we can vote by email.

Treasurer’s Report – Lisa indicated that the pancake breakfast revenue will to go to “other revenue” to be able to tie in with our budgeting efforts. We’ve had a really strong month of March. Before the pancake breakfast we were already $7,000 ahead of our budget. During the pancake breakfast we received a $2,500 contribution from one congregant with a beautiful letter and heartfelt message. Total contributions made at the pancake breakfast were $4,000. We are almost $10,000 ahead of budget for the month of March! The first PPP loan has been forgiven (converted to a grant). For the year, we are $45,000 ahead of budget. We also received the 2nd PPP loan! Expenses are pretty much in line with budget. The Ed Jones investments are at $125,000. About this time last year it was closer to about $80,000 so we’ve really done great with the decision we made last year regarding shifting investments.

Minister’s report – very much the same. Pastoral care is the main thing. Fun to look into the prosperity class and to get into the energy of Easter. Also fun to get into the flow for messages. More people are wanting to come see Rev. Jeffrey in person as opposed to virtual. Looking forward to the prosperity class.

Social Media Report – we have 14 new people on the e-family Facebook group, up to about 200. Nice way to keep the energy and idea flow, and to stay connected. 1,300 more people were reached by our Facebook. A little less engagement with paid ads and organic content this month, hard to determine why. The pancake breakfast ad reached over 1,000 people. Rev. Jeffrey loves the Google highlights… over 900 views with our name showing up in a search; about 50% went to our site. 2,079 people searched for Unity in general, which our name pops up for. Our e-blast continues to stay right about the same for click and open rates. We did get 12 new e-blast subscribers. The e-blast is a really important way to connect with our community. Jenny started Tik Tok this past month but is not tracking the data yet. Lisa mentioned that taking little snips from Rev. Jeffrey’s talks could make great Tik Tok posts. We can ask congregants to make suggestions for parts from Rev. Jeffrey’s talks (note date and time).



Masks – Michele reported the order form was sent out earlier this week to all Board members. Form was approved. David brought up the idea of making one that says “Unity of South Sound”. Rev. Jeffrey will send Michele the artwork for the logo. Lisa moved that we move forward (form is fine as is but will add a Unity of South Sound option); Ruth seconded; all in favor; none opposed.

Easter Sunday – David will watch the feed and write down names of people who want to be recognized (that are not already members), Michele will help with placing flowers (after message and before meditation). We have palms to fill in if needed. Janine will be picking up the flowers, she has a connection at a grocery store that will take care of the order and cut the stems to the length we need. We will keep the membership list on a music stand close to Rev. Jeffrey so he can read the names. We need to remind members to let us know if they do NOT want their name read.

PPP Loan (to grant) #2 – approved! And this second one is a little more at $20,840.

Alaska USA Credit Union – Michele reports that the process to add Janine Hall and Nancy Jackson was completed. Alaska USA CU needs us to officially move to remove both Linda M. Guay and Barbara A. Bauml from the account. Lisa believes Linda Guay has been removed now. David moved to remove both Linda M. Guay (if not already removed) and Barbara A. Bauml from the Alaska USA Credit Union account; Rev. Jeffrey seconded; all in favor; none opposed.



Youth Sunday – Rev. Jeffrey reports our youth director, Jennifer Richardson requested that the youth be able to be together in the church to do youth Sunday (May 16, 2021, one group at one time). She is also willing to record little bits individually and compile, but it would be a lot more work and take more time. Lisa commented that it may be very difficult to get the youth to commit to the event if they are not together in person. It has been very hard to bring the kids together in real life, much less virtually. If parents are okay with the group gathering and safe practices are followed, the consensus was it will be okay. There are concerns about them trying to do it live; likely to be easier and less risky to film in advance. The Board agreed that it would be best to record in advance and make sure to use social distancing. Our church insurance does cover events off property in case they decide to do the recording outdoors.

Security Cameras – Rev. Jeffrey provided a very detailed report of his meeting with Security Lock, Safe & Alarm. They gave multiple options regarding what we may be able to do. The people from the company seemed like very straight forward, no-nonsense type people, happy to answer questions. Jeff and Jon may want us to try to use the current equipment, but the old equipment is likely to have issues and need repairs that are product limited and possibly expensive. Option #3 is appealing functionally and financially. #3 was a Simple Ring System, which was quoted at $1,854.67. We would need good Wi-Fi coverage, and we will need to check to make sure we have enough. We may be able to get boosters to help with this issue. The other possible concern are the two cameras that need to be hard-wired in. Conversation ensued on the possibilities with that. We would like Jeff and Jon to cover half of the expense. This investment will protect their property along with helping with our security concerns. If Rev. Jeffrey can get Jeff and Jon to agree to pay half, we want to move forward with this. The sooner we get our safety measures in place, the better, due to the current issues. Discussion ensued about what other ways we may be able to discourage vandalism and loitering. For example, maybe there is a way for us to protect the property with no trespassing or no loitering signs which would allow the threat of arrest. Rev. Jeffrey will reach out to Jeff and Jon regarding their assistance with the security cameras, and David will do some research around what our options are for signage at the property. Lisa’s husband Josh went to the property and got as many lights working properly as possible. There were many that had been unscrewed.

A brief executive session was held.

Closing PrayerRev. Jeffrey closed the meeting with a prayer and the meeting ended at 9:30pm. 

Next Month’s Board Meeting

May 6th – Next Board Meeting



Respectfully submitted by Michele Millsap, Secretary

April 1, 2021