Minutes for December 3rd, 2021


Minutes for December 2, 2021

Opening Prayer – The monthly meeting of the Unity of South Sound (USS) Board started at 6:30 PM (online via Zoom) with an opening prayer by Rev. Denese.
Board of Trustee (BOT) members Michele Zwosta, David Sandall-Hill, Lisa Hagen, Nancy Jackson, Sheena Gulliver, Misty Carman and Rev. Denese Shellink were in attendance. We have a quorum.
Check In – Board members checked in with one another. MONTHLY REPORTS – calling out exceptions/concerns only
  • ●  Approval of agenda
  • ●  Approval of Secretary’s Report / Board Minutes – Nancy submitted the
    November minutes by email, and they were approved by email.
  • ●  Counting Tithes & Check Signing – David will be in charge of organizing the sign ups. December sign ups:
    • ○  12/05: David - Nancy
    • ○  12/12: David - Misty
    • ○  12/19: Lisa - Misty
    • ○  12/26: Nancy - Sheena
    • ○  01/02: Michele - Lisa
  • ●  Tithe Report –See attached: Lisa submitted the November tithe report by Email. Approval: one abstained, the remaining members approved.
  • ●  Treasurer’s Report – see attached.
    December 19th Lisa will give a financial report at Community Meeting.
    Rev. Denese made two proposals to the Board, to have the Board approve the Treasurer's Report, and have a quarterly financial report to the congregation at the end of each quarter.
    Motion was made by Michele Zwosta to have a quarterly financial report given the last month of each quarter, Seconded by Sheena Gulliver.
    The Treasurer's Report was accepted by unanimous vote of the Board.
  • ●  Minister’s report – see attached.
  • ●  Social Media Report – see attached.
    Discussion on CANVA tool for Jenny. Cost is $13.95 + Tax approx.$185.00 a year for the exclusive use of South Sound Unity. We will ask Jenny in 6 months to see if it’s working for her and if she needs any other support. Motion made by Michele Zwosta and seconded by David Sandall-Hill. Vote by board was unanimous.
  • ●  Update on Minister Search
    It is noted that we will not be pursuing Bob Uhlar or James Tierney as prospective ministers after reviewing form feedback from the congregation.
    The Search Committee will take a break until 1st of the year and begin with Board Meeting Jan 6th, 2022. David will continue as Lead from the Board on the Search Committee.
    Denese corrected the link with World Wide Unity, in the Path Magazine that lists congregations seeking ministers.
  • ●  Lease Renewal: Addendum Was signed by owners on 11/17/2021 and will be electronically signed by President Michele Zwosta and the executed version will be retained in USS files with an electronic copy sent to the Landlord.
  • ●  Fundraiser – It was decided not to have an auction this year, due to Covid. The consensus of the Board was to have a one time “Call to Action” donation campaign,runningfromNovember7–30,2021,withagoal toraise$35,000.00.
We have fallen short of our goal of $35,000.00, last count we were at $5,500.00. It was decided by the Board to extend the “Call To Action” date through Christmas.
Fundraiser speakers will be: December 5th Sheena. December 12th Michele
December 19th Lisa
2022 Budget Discussion: Budget Committee will consist of Michele, Denese, Lisa, Sheena. They will bring back recommendations at the Jan. 6th 2022 Board Meeting.
Alaska CU and Edward Jones Account updates. On Wed. December 8th, Michele will meet with Sheena Gulliver and Misty Carman at the Alaska Federal Credit Union and get them signed up for check signing. Michele will also become a signer on Edward Jones savings account.
Board Nominations Process - Wendy Valentine and Robin O’Day are taking lead with Lisa Hagen as Board representative.
  • ●  Rev. Denese’s Contract - Motion by Michele Zwosta, seconded by David Sandall-Hill, to renew Rev. Denese’s contract for 6 months to review in 4 months. Vote by the Board was unanimous.
  • ●  Staff Bonuses - Bonus distribution was discussed and approved.
  • ●  Prayer Chaplain Training - Two (2) prayer chaplains would like to take training, at approximately $350.00 each. We have an unused credit that will be used to pay for 1 chaplain. Motion made by Lisa Hagen, seconded by Michele Zwosta, to pay for one (1) prayer chaplain, and use credit for second chaplain to take training.Vote by the Board was unanimous.
  • ●  Board Rep(s) to Unity Village (Minister graduation) brought forward by David Sandall-Hill. Will be brought back at the next Board Meeting Jan, 6th.
  • ●  Annual Summit 2022 - Rev. Denese has asked to attend the Annual Summit held in Phoenix, January 24th - 26th. She is asking for Hotel and car rental costs approx. $700.00. Motion by David Sandall-Hill and seconded by Michele Zwosta to cover costs.Vote by the Board was unanimous.
Action Items:
Sheena will talk to Heidi so she can reach out to Jenny to send clarification on Facebook denying Ads concerning Ministerial applicants vote.
David to email Michele the PDF to electronically sign the Lease Addendum which
will be forwarded to Heidi and the Landlord for records. Misty, Sheena getting on AFC and Michele on Edward Jones.
Closing Prayer – David closed the meeting with a prayer and the meeting ended at 9:06:pm.
Next Month’s Board Meeting is January 6th at 6:30 pm 2022
Respectfully submitted by Nancy Jackson, Secretary
DATE: 12/03/2021