Minutes for February 3, 2022


Minutes for February 3, 2022

Opening Prayer – The monthly meeting of the Unity of South Sound (USS) Board started at 6:30 PM (online via Zoom) with an opening prayer by Rev. Denese.
Board of Trustee (BOT) members: Michele Zwosta, David Sandall-Hill, Lisa Hagen, Nancy Jackson, Sheena Gulliver, Misty Carman and Rev. Denese Schellink were in attendance. We have a quorum.
Check In – Board members checked in with one another.
MONTHLY REPORTS – calling out exceptions/concerns only
● Approval of agenda
● Approval of Secretary’s Report / Board Minutes – Nancy submitted the January 6th, minutes by email, and they were approved by email.
● Counting Tithes & Check Signing – David will be in charge of organizing the sign ups. February sign ups:
○ 02/06: Lisa - Michele
○ 02/13: Lisa - Misty
○ 02/20: Michele - David
○ 02/27: David - Sheena
● Tithe Report –See attached: Lisa submitted the January tithe report by Email. Approval: one abstained, the remaining members approved.

● Treasurer’s Report – see attached.
The Treasurer's Report was accepted by unanimous vote of the Board. ● Social Media Report – see attached.
● Update on Minister Search: David Sandall-Hill has contacted Barbra Bauml and the process has started. This will include looking at the Center for Spiritual Living candidates.
● Board nominations update: Lisa Hagen: There was discussion on various people to invite to be on the Board. Sheena Gulliver announced she will not be running, everyone thanked her for her time spent on the Board.
Deadline for applications will be Sunday the 6th.
● Office 365 update: We have a nonprofit free version in the office. Michele will meet with Heidi and get set up so Board Members will have a hub where they can receive information and needed documents.
● Covid 19 updates: Until further notice it was decided to keep church services on line with Facebook and YOUTube. Board will review again at March Board Mtg.
● Tithe Committee Update: David - Lisa: David and Lisa had discussion with Tithe Committee. It was decided to bring it back in March for further discussion.
● Annual Meeting: Annual meeting will be February 20th, 2022 on zoom. Outline and agenda were discussed. Michele sent out a format to the Board for participation.

● Unity of South Sound Board Member Covenant: Nancy- Motion by Michele Zwosta, seconded by David Sandall-Hill, all Board Members agreed to adopt updated covenant and have new and present Board Members sign.
● Fundraiser including Prosperity Plus - Bring back March Mtg. ● Updated Minister job description including goals - Bring back March Mtg. ● New Member Class - Bring back March Mtg.
Action Items:
● Nancy will get Updated Board Covenant to Heidi to put in Board Packets.
● Michele will put on agenda for March, Fundraiser Committee Formation - Updated Minister Job Description - New Member Class.
● Lisa will see if she can get latest digital version for upcoming Prosperity Class in March
● Lisa will look at the pledge amount for the Annual Meeting.
Closing Prayer – David closed the meeting with a prayer and the meeting ended at 8:40 pm.
Next Month’s Board Meeting is March 3rd 2022 at 6:30 pm
Respectfully submitted by Nancy Jackson, Secretary

DATE: 02/04/2022