Minutes for July 1st, 2021


Minutes for July 1, 2021  

 OPENING PRAYER by Ruth Rogers – Meeting started at 6:30 p.m. Meetng on line via  zoom. 

Board of Trustees members, Ruth Rogers, David Sandall-Hill, Janine Hall, Lisa Hagen,  Nancy Jackson, Michele Milsap, Rev. Denese were in attendance. 

Check In – Board Members checked in with each other. 


Counting Tithes - Check signing – David and Michele are available most Sundays, if they  are not available another Board Member will fill in. 

TREASURER'S REPORT – Lisa gave financial run down. We are doing well financially  with a very healthy cash balance, our investments continue to perform well and the  $15,000.00 approved deposit from our checking account to our Ed Jones Investment  account has been completed and those funds are invested. Liabilities include the 2nd PPP  Loan which boosted our operating cash by $20,854 and has roughly $6,700 remaining to  spend down on specific expenses. Revenue from this loan will be recognized upon  forgiveness while the cash is available to spend immediately. Our revenue for the month of  June was about $1,600 below budgeted revenue which is expected as we have not yet  reopened full time; however, our revenue YTD remains over $30,000 ahead of budget.  Expenses are generally in line with budget – material variances for staff training expenses  approved for Heidi (accounting training) and tithe payments primarily due to the cash  farewell gift approved for Rev. Jeffrey in June 2021. 

MINISTER'S REPORT – Attached are dates and classes being offered – Denese  requested all reports be turned into Secretary 1 week before Board Meeting. 

Lisa will host zoom for a class, Leadership Development, on one (1) Wednesday a month,  6:00 starting July 21st

SOCIAL MEDIA REPORT – We will keep going on Saturday Facebook live, but will  discontinue Tuesdays for now. Social media doing very well. Facebook 1884 page likes. +3 likes this period and 0 clicks on the “Join Unity e-Family.” Through organic ad paid ads,  Unity FB has reached over 5,644 people this month compared to last month at 3K Google Highlights customer actions visit website 75, request directions 31, calls 3.  Customer view 623 people viewed Unity. Mail Chimp highlights - Open Rate average  21.7% increased by 1.4% from last month. 5 New email subscribers this month. Jenny encouraged FB Live to keep rhythm going.


Security Cameras – Has been paid for ½ by owners and ½ by USS. David indicated that the  company is waiting for 1 more piece then will coordinate with Heidi about installation. 


Lease Renewal for Spire- Our option for renewal is up at end of July. David will put letter out  to request rent renewal and pass on to Board for approval, after Board approves letter it will be  sent to owners of the facility and we will see what negotiations are needed by USS. 

Re-Opening Church Services – USS will reopen July 25th. Putting together Committee made up of David (Lead), Janine, Nancy and Rev. Denese. Look to e-blast for further updates and  information. 

Bagley Wright House Concert fund raiser – The Board has decided not to participate, because  of logistics and short notice. 

Updating banner and Web site with current information. David will look into getting “All  are welcome greeting” to cover over Rev. Jeffrey on banner. Dense will make sure Rev. Jeffrey's name is eliminated from web site and any other postings, so we are up-to-date. 

Search Committee – Rev. Denese, Ruth, and Barbara Bauml, will get Search Committee  Charter worked out, and bring back for Board to approve. 

Closing Prayer – Rev. Denese – Mtg. Ended 9:00 p.m. 

Next Month's Board Meeting  

August 5th -  

Respectfully Submitted by Nancy Jackson, Member of Board at large (filling in for Michele) July 1, 2021