Minutes for June 16, 2021


Minutes for June 16, 2021


Opening Prayer – The monthly meeting of the Unity of South Sound (USS) Board started at 6:32 PM (online via Zoom) with an opening prayer by Rev. Jeffrey.

Board of Trustee (BOT) members, Ruth Rogers, Rev. Jeffrey Fowler, Michele Millsap, David Sandall-Hill, Janine Hall, Lisa Hagen, and Nancy Jackson were in attendance.

Check In – Board members checked in with one another. 


Board FB Live: need sign ups. Michele will do 6/5/21. Going to do 6/12 at Jeffrey’s party. Going to start doing team efforts in mid-late July. Jenny provided instructions we can get to everyone, Lisa will find the instructions and add to the church files.

Counting Tithes Check Signing –David & Michele are available most Sundays, except 7/4 when Michele is gone (asking Joey if he can cover); and 6/6 when David is gone (Ruth will cover). Michele will email Heidi this month.

Secretary’s Report / Board Minutes – the May minutes were approved earlier via email

Tithe Report – Rev. Jeffrey sent the May tithe report on 6/3/21. Going forward they will be emailed for approval.

Treasurer’s Report – Lisa has set up the arrangements for getting money to Edward Jones. Heidi wrote a $15,000 check to Edward Jones and it will be mailed Monday after being signed. Karen at Edward Jones is expecting it. Lisa is setting up an ACH process for easier transmittal of funds in the future. We will be getting paperwork around this soon. As for the financials, year-to-date we are just about $1,000 below our budgeted expenses. We budgeted our revenue as an even stream throughout the year, but we were anticipating revenue to be a little bit light at the beginning of the year and it is. We fortunately received the 2nd PPP loan and the wonderful large donation, so we are doing okay. Really doing well from a cash perspective. Revenue is still about $30,000 above budget. Heidi indicated that there should be no issues with appropriately spending down the PPP funds even with Jeffrey leaving. Also, our investments are doing well. We still have about $130,000 in our fund. We have had about a 24% return on investment since we made a change in the investment structure. That was a good change for us.

Minister’s report – quite a journey this last month to say goodbye to everyone. Jim Peterson’s memorial is this Sunday. Pastoral work also continues and is both challenging and rewarding. Jeffrey put together a 250-page binder for the next minister that will help with their transition into our community. It will be a wonderful and useful tool for the new minister. He enjoyed doing that. He is plugging away, continuing to work while preparing to move. He is holding the space for love and abundance for our ministry.  It has been a blessing to work with us all.

Social Media Report – Great month. Jenny is prepared to do her normal report in the coming months. The May highlights: Facebook – up 7 page likes and 11 clicks on the e-family and reached 2,000 more people, and the key Facebook campaign was Mother’s Day (increased by 197% from last month on the Mother’s Day feed); Google highlights interesting in that there were a lot more views; Mailchimp e-blast doing well with a 21% open rate for the 5/20 e-Blast and the Sunday service email is the highest it has ever been at about 7%, there were 6 new subscribers, Board needs to continue to encourage sign-up as it is one of our strongest features for engagement; Tik-Tok – Jenny is continuing to build. Jenny continues to recommend that the Board be more active with not only the FB live board member events but also with posts to the Facebook e-family group.


Security Cameras – David indicated Jeff and Jon agreed to pay half of the total amount of the bill. Total was about $1,800. David emailed us, we all approved moving forward with the plan. Heidi has cut the deposit check for half of the full amount about a week ago, and we will have Jeff and Jon make the final payment after the job is completed. The ring system is the one that is going in. We will work with the security company on the scheduling of the installation once they receive the deposit.


LGBTQA support group – David is asking that the LGBTQ support group be an official Unity of South Sound affiliated group, like the men’s group and the women’s circle. Discussion ensued around the need for groups affiliated with USS to invite congregants. It also needs to be aligned with Unity teachings. David could have a copy of the Unity diversity statement at the meetings and speak a little to the Unity teachings. It would be great to have materials from UWM at the meetings too. David is looking to start meetings in the fall when we are back in person. But “Out in the Park” is in July, and if it happens, that would be a perfect time to introduce this. Lisa made a motion to formally affiliate the LGBTQA group with Unity of South Sound and Jeffrey seconded. All were in favor; none opposed.

Re-opening – Lynda Ash, who helped with our earlier plan is not available to help update our current plan. Jeffrey is aware that a lot of other Unity churches are starting to open. Jeffrey talked with Amy and she is good to go with in person combined with live online at the same time. She will experiment with some options this weekend. David offered to reach out to TMP and ask to borrow some stage risers. Once a decision is made, Ruth has a whole list of people to reach out to (such as ushers). Nancy made the point that Pierce County is only at about 38% vaccinated, so care still needs to be taken. We need help from someone reviewing our current plan who can compare with the current guidelines. We are reaching out to see if a congregant is available to assist. Discussion ensued about distancing, masking, the guidelines, and rules. David feels like we shouldn’t have to police people. Michele suggested having the 6/13 service be a trial run, where we get take-aways from that service as to what worked well and what did not. Michele suggested we not be in person on 6/20, but consider being in person for services after that once there is time for any needed adjustments. Jeffrey likes the idea of a trial run from which we can learn what needs to happen. Also, likely better to transition slowly into the full normal type of service with platform assistants and chaplains etc. Michele made a motion to do a trial run on 6/13/21 and then determine how to proceed. Lisa seconded. All were in favor; none opposed.

(Jeffrey stepped away from the meeting at this point)

Logistics for 6/13 – Lisa noted we need to let Jeff and Jon know we plan on using the sanctuary until 2pm. Discussion ensued on the proposed logistics in the email from Ruth, which look good, other than needed updates to the screening process (congregants will be verbally asked, and temperature taken), and collection plates will not be passed but rather posted at a convenient spot. All Board members are available to be there for both services. Nick and Carl Andrews have been cleaning the facility. There are already 4 volunteers to clean between services. David would like to pay for 6 masks so the Board could be wearing them (black mask with teal logo). Michele placed the order with Candy for the masks.

Interim Proposal – discussion of the interim minister proposal. No questions on first paragraph, the goals of the Transitional Consulting, Monthly Sunday Community Gathering, I of the Storm, Compassionate Communication Practice, Weekly Coffee with Denese, Weekly staff meeting, Leadership Development, Additional Training, Sundays off, and Fee for Services (other than the travel stipend and expenses – Ruth will ask about this). There are some concerns about it all being too much time commitment. Also, we would prefer the Leadership Training to be on a weeknight instead of Saturdays, and we’d like more information on what the training is about. We’d also like to have the 60-day notice of cancellation period reflected in the contract. Ruth will connect with Denese on these items. We would like the updated contact by email and vote on it by email.

Gifts for Jeffrey – one item purchased by David - he will submit for reimbursement. Ruth is bringing a card for the board to sign for the gift David purchased, which will be presented at the party on Saturday the 12th. Annie arranged a gift from church as well, which will be presented with any other gifts on Sunday the 13th at the service. Cash gift amount was discussed. David moved for the discussed amount, Janine seconded, at which point more questions and a long further discussion ensued. Discussion resulted in agreement to move forward with the amount of the initial motion. All were in favor; none opposed.

(Jeffrey stepped back into the meeting at this point)

Closing PrayerRev. Jeffrey closed the meeting with a prayer and the meeting ended at 9:55pm. 

Next Month’s Board Meeting

July 1st – Next Board Meeting



Respectfully submitted by Michele Millsap, Secretary

June 3, 2021