Minutes for May 6th, 2021


Minutes for May 6, 2021


Opening Prayer – The monthly meeting of the Unity of South Sound (USS) Board started at 6:30 PM (online via Zoom) with an opening prayer by Rev. Jeffrey.

Board of Trustee (BOT) members, Ruth Rogers, Rev. Jeffrey Fowler, Michele Millsap, David Sandall-Hill, and Nancy Jackson were in attendance. Lisa Hagen joined at 7pm. Janine Hall was present by phone until 7:35pm.

Check In – Board members checked in with one another. 


Counting Tithes Check Signing –David & Michele are available most Sundays, except 5/30 when Michele is gone; David indicated Joey would cover in Michele’s absence. David will be the person to make sure tithe counting is scheduled each month. Michele will email Heidi this month.

Secretary’s Report / Board Minutes – the April minutes were approved earlier via email

Tithe Report – Rev. Jeffrey will send the tithe report. $13,105 to tithe. We can approve later by email.

Treasurer’s Report – Lisa said the tithe donations were not as strong for the month of April; about $2,500 under budget. However, we were $7,000 over in the month of March, so we’re still looking pretty good. Our expenses are still in line with the budget. Heidi was able to forgive the 1st PPP loan on the books, but we may be adjusting to recognize in December 2020. We’ll have a final answer next month. The 2nd PPP loan has been funded. We will have a 2nd account on the books for the second PPP loan, so the system knows they are separate. Our cash balance is really strong. We’re doing really good. We are in a good position to be going through a transition.

Minister’s report – this transition time has been wonderful so far. So much love and support from the Board and congregation. The prosperity class is going well. Teaching is one of my favorite things and I get to grow with this one as it is a stretch with such structured materials. Staying very busy, more administrative than pastoral at this time. So grateful for all the love and support I have received. I am going to miss you all.

Social Media Report – Facebook reach a little less this time, no paid promo ads this month. Our Easter service was boosted ($30 cost), and we reached nearly 800 people. Jenny suggests bumping up to the next level of advertisement ($100 to $300 per ad) for some of our larger services (like Easter and Christmas). The unplugged email campaign has a high reaction/response. Tik Tok has started. 101 likes and 600+ views on one post. Jenny recommends for us as a Board to engage the e-family (log on, ask questions, share accomplishment or struggle), and to continue on the Facebook live posts. Our rate in e-blast is up overall 4.5% and click rate is up 5.5%. People are engaged in in the e-blast emails. She will boost the Father’s day service and run one ad this month. The Board agreed we need to schedule the next round of Board member live FB events and move it to be weekly. Michele will come up with a schedule and will email it out.


Security Cameras – Jeffrey indicated it has involved hard work to get ahold of Jeff and Jon but, he did make contact. Jeffrey did a walk through with the security person (Josh). Tried multiple times to send the resulting information to Jeff and Jon. They finally got it. Jeff does have a concern about the WiFi connectivity. He also mentioned that Josh is associated with TMP. Jeffrey did a walk through and tested the connectivity, and it appears that our connectivity is good with some spots with minimal coverage. However, it looks okay functionally, and he reported that to Jeff. We are still awaiting Jeff’s answer. Heard through Dan Keen that they are looking at the no trespassing/loitering signs we desire. David noted that there are already some signs up on the building. David also volunteered to help with reaching out to Jeff and Jon to push for the answers we need from them. Lisa also suggested a Comcast WiFi booster (they are reasonably priced) if we find out that it ends up being needed.

Masks – Michele showed the added design (USS logo) and the Board gave final approval to move forward. Michele will show sample of USS logo at Sunday’s service.

Ron and Stella funds – Jeffrey suggests some changes:

1.     Decreasing the Ed Jones amount by $10,000 (from $25,000 to $15,000) to keep that in the general fund in case it is needed during the transition.

2.     Landscaping from $2,000 to $2,400 (adding mulch).

3.     Heidi Maloney is working on becoming a certified bookkeeper. The National Association of Certified Public Bookkeepers (NACPB) program starts in June. Jeffrey is requesting an education stipend of $1,000 for Heidi. David moved to up it to the full $2,400 that the program costs. Lisa seconded the motion. Lisa noted that this will allow Heidi to do more work that will help us with our treasurer needs in the future. There was some discussion around the length of service Heidi has given our community, how loved Heidi is by our community, and all the many things she has done for us. We really appreciate her and are happy to provide this for her. All were in favor, none opposed.

4.     Noting the 10% tithe donation ($4,300) on the $43,000

5.     General fund: will be $12,900 (from $19,000) after these adjustments

6.     Items remaining the same: $3,000 for the security system and $3,000 for AV improvements


Farewell gathering June 12th – Jeffrey will do some performing (about 3 songs), and then move to being able to visit with everyone. Tentative time is 3pm. People can bring their own sack lunches and chairs. Lots of options with supplies in the church (chairs, risers, etc.). Covid considerations will need to be in place and the rules must be followed. Everyone will need to wear masks. Utilize the poster board frames the church owns to state the social distancing and mask requirements, and then post them strategically around the parking lot. We need to assign a point person/organizer that takes this over so Jeffrey is not relied upon for planning. Currently it appears to be Annie Lane Ryan and Star Pittman. Ruth has agreed to be the Board point person.

Re-opening – will revisit later. Michele will keep up to date on the latest directives from Governor Inslee and let the Board know.

Ministerial Planning – Jeffrey is working hard to leave a plethora of information to ease the transition for the new minister in order to make the transition into our community easier for our new minister.

1.     Discussion of Packet – we need to complete our packet as soon as possible; Jeffrey will create accessible files of any electronic documents; we called a special working meeting for Wednesday, May 12 at 6:30pm to go through the form. Jennifer Lambert has volunteered to help with the administrative work in filling out the forms and we will ask her to see if she can fill out some of the basic components of the form before our meeting. Jeffrey is also willing to help with information as we need it.

2.     Review of Packet from 2015 – we will be able to utilize some of this in the current packet.

3.     Review of Ministerial Employment – Interim minister discussion, including the desire overlap before Jeffrey leaves and after the new minister arrives to ease the transition. Cost would not be anything more than what we are paying Jeffrey. We need to get the costs, duties, and more information before we can make a final decision of level of service. What will the missing tasks be? Where will the gaps be? We’d really like 4 weeks a month and pastoral duties as well. Lisa moved to hire the interim minister recommended by Doug, with the specifics being negotiated after we receive the information. Ruth seconded. All in favor, none opposed. Ruth will call Doug and let him know as well as ask questions and inquire as to if we need another meeting with him in the immediate future.

4.     Creating a Search Committee –there are people who have already come forward to volunteer. It should not be too difficult to put together. One Board member needs to be on that committee. Ruth and David both volunteered to be the Board representative. David deferred to Ruth and David moved to ask Ruth to be the Board representative on the search committee. Michele seconded. All were in favor, none opposed. We will need to do an announcement, receive candidates, determine what we want in the search committee (e.g. variety of members that represents the broad diversity of the community), and vote on candidates. Postpone for now until after we go through the packet.

5.     Survey Monkey for Ministerial Attributes input from Congregation – we want to know what the congregation wants, we will keep that in mind, and we would keep them in the loop. Not much discussion here; more to come later.

6.     We need to determine our steps. #1: go through the packet. In the “Hiring a New Minister” document, on page 2 it gives us guidance on all the steps in this process.

Closing PrayerRev. Jeffrey closed the meeting with a prayer and the meeting ended at 9:35pm. 

Next Month’s Board Meeting

June 7th – Next Board Meeting



Respectfully submitted by Michele Millsap, Secretary

May 6, 2021