Minutes for November 4th, 2021


Minutes for November 4, 2021


Opening Prayer – The monthly meeting of the Unity of South Sound (USS) Board started at 6:30 PM (online via Zoom) with an opening prayer by Rev. Denese.

Board of Trustee (BOT) members Michele Millsap, David Sandall-Hill, Lisa Hagen, Nancy Jackson, and Rev. Denese Shellink were in attendance. We have a quorum.

Check In – Board members checked in with one another. 

Discussion: Board vacancy replacements – Reviewed Misty Carman and Sheena Gulliver's applications concurred that they are both members and qualify to be on the Board. Lisa Hagen made a motion, David Sandahill seconded,  to fill vacancies for the resignation of Janine Hall and Ruth Rogers. Misty Carman will fill Janine Halls position (2 years) and Sheena will fill Ruth Rogers position ( 3 years). They are being appointed  as members at large until regular election in February. All Board members concurred.

MONTHLY REPORTS – calling out exceptions/concerns only

·       Approval of agenda

·       Approval of Secretary’s Report / Board Minutes – Nancy submitted the October minutes by email, and they were approved by email.

·       Counting Tithes & Check Signing – David will be in charge of organizing the sign ups. November sign ups:

o   11/07: David - Nancy

o   11/14: David -  Michele

o   11/21: David - Lisa

o   10/31: David - Nancy

·       Tithe Report –See attached  Lisa submitted the October tithe report by e-mail. Approval: one abstained, the remaining members approved.

 Denese made a suggestion  in October to looking at our tithe amounts and suggested moving tithes to 1/3 to Global Unity  Organization (Global Unity Organization: Unity Worldwide Ministries, Unity World Headquarters, Silent Unity), 1/3 to Regional or Local Unity Ministries (Unity NW Region, or Local Unity Church) and 1/3 Local Charities.  Lisa  looked into into history of our tithing and said it started 2015 where a Tithing Committee  was setup and worked with our past minister. It was felt at that time the congregation preferred tithing to the local community. We will  let newly hired minister look at tithing if we do not hire either of two applicants we will bring back for discussion.


·       Treasurer’s Report – see attached.

Lisa will begin 2022 budget draft.

Sheena Gulliver will work with Lisa on Accounting and the 2022 budget.

Lisa will take a look at our check signing policy with Heidi – (1 Board Member and 1 Member) and bring back recommendations.

·       Minister’s report – see attached.

Denese will not be speaking the week of November 14th as we will have prospective minister doing the service.

·       Social Media Report – see attached.


·       Update on Minister Search Committee – Search Committee will have zoom meeting Monday at 6:00 pm with Board Members to formalize visit  for both Minister candidates. Candidate #1 will be here November 13th - 15th , candidate #2 will be here November 19th - 21st.  Michele provided guidelines for setting up candidate visits. Getting a list of events to Heidi so she can pass on to Jenny for E-blast will be decided Monday at Meeting.

·       Lease Renewal: we are on a month to month lease renewal. Lisa Hagen submitted language for an addendum, it is in the hands of landlords, they have indicated they will get it back to us shortly.

·       Fundraiser – It was decided not to have an auction this year, due to Covid.  The consensus  of the Board was to have a  one time “Call to Action” donation campaign, running from November 7 – 30 2021, with a goal to raise $35,000.00. Michele along with assistance of Al Hove put together fund raising letter. Nancy, with Wendy Valentine and Jennifer  Lambert assisted Heidi with getting fundraiser letter mailed out to congregation on November 3rd.

Fundraiser kick off will be this Sunday November 7th David will speak to congregation, November 14th Sheena will speak to congregation, November 21st Lisa will speak to congregation, November 28th Michele will speak to congregation.

·       2022 Budges Discussion: see Treasurer's Report.


·       Record of resignations /name change for bank: Lisa Hagen made a motion, David Sandalhill , seconded and none opposed to remove Ruth Rogers and Janine Hall from the Alaska Credit Union Account. Misty Carman and Sheena Gulliver (new Board Members)  will  be added as signers on the Alaska Credit Union Account.          Edward Jones Account Lisa Hagen made a motion to remove Ruth Rogers and add Sheena Gulliver to Edward Jones Account, David Sandalhill seconded and none opposed.

·       2022 Board Nomination Committee: Wendy Valentine will be lead with Robin O”Day as backup.

·       Adjustment of tithing percentages. See Tithe Report





Action Items:

·       Lisa  - will coordinate getting Bank accounts signers changed

will look at check signing policy with Heidi

·       Denese – Will reach out to Wendy Valentine on Nominating Committee

·       David- - Will follow up with Heidi on getting lease addendum signed


Closing PrayerMichele closed the meeting with a prayer and the meeting ended at 8:45 pm. 

Next Month’s Board Meeting is Decmber 2rd  at 6:30 pm 2021


Respectfully submitted by Nancy Jackson, Secretary

DATE: 11/04/2021