Minutes for October 1, 2020


Minutes for October 1, 2020

Opening Prayer – The regular monthly meeting of Unity of South Sound (USS) started at 6:30 PM (online via Zoom) with an opening prayer by Rev. Jeffrey.

Board of Trustees (BOT) members, Barbara Bauml, Rev. Jeffrey Fowler, Lisa Hagen, Michele Millsap, Ruth Rogers, and David Sandall-Hill were in attendance. The board was joined by Brett ____ from Edward Jones.

Edward Jones Update – Brent presented a status report on USS’s investment portfolio which focused on what’s in our portfolio, its performance, and expectations for the next six months. The shift to a managed account with medium risk tolerance a year ago has been beneficial to USS’s investments and we continue to have a good mix of fixed income and equity. Our performance has seen a return of 6.12% and expectations of a 7–7½% return over a three to five-year period. The likely impact of the election season, civil unrest, and the pandemic on markets were discussed. Lisa volunteered to be the one designated person on the board with online account access.  


Check In – Board members checked in with one another.




Counting Tithes Sign ups/Check Signing – David will be at the Spire and available to sign checks during the month of October. Michele will be out of town the weekend of October 18th.  Joey will be leading songs that Sunday and can sign in her place.


Secretary Report – It was confirmed that the Board of Trustee (BOT) Meeting Minutes for September were approved. Ruth noted that the minutes aren’t showing up on our website. Jeffrey will check to see that they are posted to the USS website.


Tithe Report – Barbara shared the Tithe Committee Report with the board for the month of September.  The USS September tithe is $1380 and the Unity of Northern Idaho is in the rotation this month. The recommendation was approved by the BOT.


Treasurer Report – Lisa shared the big picture of USS finances during the September 27th Sunday service. The transition to Alaska Credit Union is underway and Linda will be removed from the account. The paperwork from Alaska was received and a new USS credit card will arrive soon. Alaska will call Lisa (instead of Linda. Lisa discussed the ins and out of the PPP accounting in the budget; changes are underway in how we describe our accounting of the funds (loan vs. grant revenue; income vs. liability). An application to the City of Tacoma that assists businesses in paying three months of their rent was due on 10/2/2020 and has been submitted. Gratitude to Lisa for taking initiative in working with Heidi.


Minister Report – Rev. Jeffrey shared deep gratitude to Spirit for the serendipitous and potentially beneficial encounter with Jeff and Jon which resulted in learning about the City of Tacoma rent program. The admin and pastoral care work continue to be high and he’s reached out to the chaplain team who have helped with pastoral care. He asked for prayers for our congregation; many are going through a lot presently. Sunday messages are flowing, family is fine, and he is grateful to work with our congregation.


Social Media Report – Jeffrey reviewed Jenny’s Social Media Report and highlighted the new efforts she is making in online outreach via Instagram, Facebook Live, and other platforms. Jenny is encouraging the board to use Slack, a software messaging platform. Jeffery asked that we honor Jenny’s four hours a week.




Fund Raising: “All the Glitters is God” Online Auction – David shared that the fundraising target goal was increased to $27,000 to cover the expenses. PNTA was selected as the online technology company.  Anita provided a beautiful design for advertising the event. Procurement is coming along. Joey experienced someone who had heard of USS to contribute a basket for the auction. The Silent Auction will be available 11/7 through 11/16. The Live Event is set for Sunday, 11/15. The Lady Chablis has committed to host the event. The event will be done at PNTA’s facility in Seattle. The work now is to continue with procurement. Things are coming together and we are looking forward to having wonderful online auction. Kudos to the team, especially Lori Erwin Johnson and Michele Milsap. Moreover, Max Giving, has been great. The organization, technology team, and software have been excellent.





Written Instructions for Future Board Members – Follow up instructions would make it easier for new board members to sign up. Barbara will write up a set of instructions and follow up with Lisa about the instructions.


Jon and Jeff Update – Jeffrey revisited the conversation he had with Jeff and Jon. Jeffrey was open with them as well about our financial circumstances and concerns. They have been very conservative financially and our location at the Spire is secure. Our relationship continues to grow. They are glad to have us as tenants, appreciate our watching out for the building, and hear good things about us from some of their patrons.


Meditation Group – Jeffrey shared that a mediation teacher with 20 years of experience would like to offer a class on contemporary mysticism and meditation. he has recently moved to Tacoma from California and would like to offer a class through USS. After considering options for gathering online and in-person (physically distanced) group, the board opted chose to online facilitation. Promoting this class on the USS website and calendar making the eBlast letters available online was also suggested; Jeffrey will follow-up with Jenny about these items.





Creating a Calling Tree – Jeffrey shared that more needs to be researched about the platforms for this project as a way to help facilitate connections among members. The intention is to work from our current membership list and add new persons. Participation was discussed and ice breakers “exercises” were suggested as a way of facilitating connections. Ruth will look into the software and Jeffrey will give her the contact information.


Fund Raising: Masks – Michele sent a report out prior to the meeting and intends to keep the fundraiser simple. She presented several options (Namaste, Black Lives Matter, etc.) The board considered probable quantities, mask styles, colors, and donation amounts. Masks are good quality with a suggested donation of $10 to $15. (Masks with filters cost more, but it’s an option.) Michele will create an order form by which people can select colors and options. Orders will be funneled through her. Credit card security was discussed. Payments via checks, PayPal, or credit cards will be paid through the church office. Michele will need to ask Heidi about credit card payments, sales tax collection, and ask the supplier about shipping to keep the process simple.

Fund Raising: Cook book – Barbara shared a cover, some ideas for how to organize the cookbook, and that the recipes are starting to roll in.  Barbara will come in Sunday to make an announcement during the Sunday service. Jeffrey will get the announcement in the eBlast.

Virtual Dessert Dash – Lisa shared a written proposal for a Virtual Dessert Dash. It’s envisioned that foods will be prepared following safe and sanitary preparation guidelines, delivered in disposable/non-returnable containers in safe and sanitary conditions (e.g., securely boxed), and there may be the option for have “volunteer delivery” services for cooks who cannot deliver within 48 hours. Pick-up like the Pancake Breakfast was considered. Given the pandemic, sanitation, comfort levels, and smaller, two person serving sizes were discussed. Possible coordination with Thanksgiving, church services, and/or the auction was discussed. Serving size will be key. The possibility of professionally cooked items may allow for marketing opportunities. In the end, the board opted to save this fundraiser for a later time.

Facebook Live – The calendar and board assignments were reviewed by the board. The board is on every other week. Barbara will resend the schedule.

Closing Prayer – Rev. Jeffrey closed the meeting with a lovely, uplifting prayer at 8:55 p.m.

Upcoming events (see eBlast for more information)

Coffee with Rev. Jeffrey Wednesdays at 11 a.m. to Noon

November 5th – Next Regular Board Meeting


Respectfully submitted by Barbara Bauml, Secretary

December 2, 2020