Minutes for September 2nd, 2021


Minutes for September 2, 2021


Opening Prayer – The monthly meeting of the Unity of South Sound (USS) Board started at 6:30 PM (online via Zoom) with an opening prayer by Rev. Denese.

Board of Trustee (BOT) members Ruth Rogers, David Sandall-Hill, Michele Millsap, Lisa Hagen, Nancy Jackson, Jeanine Hall, and Rev. Denese Shellink were in attendance. We have a quorum.

Youth Ed and Family Update – Jennifer Richardson, Youth Ed Director joined the meeting just for this update. She let the Board know that the youth team held a meeting and one parent came. The team has put together a solid plan to keep youth and teachers safe as well as the rest of the congregation. This would involve keeping the youth completely separate from the rest of the congregation. They decided the main floor restroom should be for the congregation, so the kids will have to use the basement restrooms, so special consideration will be made around that. Kids will enter through the side gates (only teachers and children would be allowed through that entrance) and there would be a person at the door doing health checks. Parents would need to sign their children in and leave a cell phone number. Wesley Hall could easily accommodate physical distancing, and room dividers creating a separation and hallway to the restroom. YOU will have plenty of room for physical distancing upstairs as well. They also feel confident they can keep things sanitized and clean. The preference is to have an opportunity to wait a bit and see how school impacts the spread of COVID. They could start on October 10, 2021, to be in synch with the Fall Synergy Series.

Minister Search Committee Closure Date – Barbara Bauml, Search Committee Chair joined the meeting for this update. Based on the recommendation of the committee, they are requesting an end date to be put on the Unity of South Sound package. Although there was a flurry of activity in June and July, there has been a real pause in the activity overall due to the pandemic. If we put an end date on it, then people will need to commit to applying. The committee has prepared the questions and is ready to start doing the interviews. We have 3 candidates so far. The Board is requesting the committee start interviewing as soon as they can, determine if they are qualified candidates, and then come back to discuss the end date.

Check In – Board members checked in with one another. 


MONTHLY REPORTS – calling out exceptions/concerns only

·       Approval of agenda

·       Approval of Secretary’s Report / Board Minutes –Michele submitted the August minutes by email, and they were approved by email.

·       Counting Tithes & Check Signing – David will be in charge of organizing the sign ups. August signups:

o   9/05: David and Nancy

o   9/12: Ruth and Nancy

o   9/19: Ruth and Janine

o   9/26: David and Lisa

·       Tithe Report – Lisa submitted the July tithe report by email. Approval: one abstained, the remaining members approved.

·       Treasurer’s Report – see attached.

·       Minister’s report – see attached.

o   Discussion re Youth Ed and Family Update: the decision was made to plan on having the YOU pancake breakfast on October 10, 2021, to kick off the Fall Synergy series. The plan is also that the Youth Ed program will start meeting in person again starting October 10, 2021. It is possible the Youth Ed program meeting in person will need to be postponed if further pandemic issues come to light.

·       Social Media Report – see attached.

o   The Board discussed:

§  FB Live: we will start to try to do some spontaneous Facebook live posts.

§  Social Media: Jenny requested 3-4 hours to update the e-blast format. The Board approved up to 4 hours, and we would like Jenny to send us a copy for review before it goes live.



·       Update on banner/sign change – David presented his findings and the cost. David moved to proceed with repairs of the sign. Ruth seconded. No further discussion. One abstained and all remaining were in favor.



·       Volunteer appreciation by Board – We will begin September 5 to recognize and appreciate those in service at the beginning of each month.  This month will be The Board. 

·       Holiday events scheduling – we need to plan and prepare for our normal activities but be prepared to pivot based on the pandemic. Further discussions will be held at later meetings.

·       Annual Fundraiser – due to the pandemic and other concerns, we are going to need to go a different direction this year for the fundraiser. We will do a call to action starting in November (through the end of the year), focus on gratitude, and have guest speakers give testimony on what this ministry has meant to them. The fundraising goal is tentatively set at $35,000, which includes the amount required to bring minister candidates here for interviews, as well as a moving fund for our new minister. Ruth and Nancy will begin reaching out to other congregants to start organizing.



·       No old business

Action Items:

·       Entire Board will send any suggestions for updates to the e-blast to Michele by end of day 9/7/2021.

·       Lisa will send an email to the other Board members on approximately 9/24/21 to determine if the pancake breakfast is still a go before their next team meeting on 9/26/21.

·       David will order the correction to the sign, with blue background and white letters, with the font matching the rest of sign.

·       Rev. Denese will check the binder for standard holiday information (Christmas eve, burning bowl, white stone).

·       Ruth and Nancy will reach out to congregants for volunteer leaders of the fundraiser event.

Closing PrayerRev. Denese closed the meeting with a prayer and the meeting ended at 8:49pm. 

Next Month’s Board Meeting is October 7, 2021


Respectfully submitted by Michele Millsap, Secretary

September 2, 2021