Orchid Jones Fowler

Orchid Migñon Jones was born to Sally Proceus Jones and Norman Jones in San Anselmo, CA, Oct. 31,1983. Her brother Gabriel was 2 ½ yrs. old.

Her parents had joined a yoga and meditation ashram in San Rafael, CA, led by Guru “Master Da.” He named Orchid after his favorite flower.

Her earliest memories, are of devotional settings and meditation.

Orchid’s mother, Sally, was born in California and had struggled with intense poverty. She earned her Master’s degree in Marriage, Family and Child Therapy pre-children. In 2001, she received a PH.D in Eco-Psychology at Meridian University in Petaluma, CA., attending school while Orchid was in High School.

Orchid’s English father, Norman, was a talented, self-employed wood-worker. As an artist, he listened to his clients. He could replicate the fine details in wood using people’s ideas. His talent and skills resulted in custom fine carpentry designs in homes, museums and hospitals. He supported Sally while she pursued her Counselor’s license.

Orchid’s parents left the spiritual ashram and divorced when she was 4 yrs old. As a split family, moving from a small, protected living situation to a larger community with public education, adjustment was challenging.

Even though Orchid’s parents came from rough backgrounds, they were spiritually developed and were good parents. Sally and Norman were conscious of co-parenting for the sake of their children. Orchid describes them as extremely fair and good communicators. They were an exemplary template for the “week on - week off” routine when the siblings switched homes. They continued to have holidays together with ski and camping trips and weekly family dinners.

In early years, Orchid says she was extraordinarily shy, artistic and a poet. She loved photography, horseback riding and animals. She had turtles, fish, hamsters and her “guardian angel,” dog Wally.

Orchid graduated from Terra Linda H.S., San Rafael in 2001. She describes those years as awkward, as she was somewhat rebellious towards the superficial cliques and the admiration of materialism. After high school, Orchid’s life “came together” with a new boyfriend, her first car and the world to explore. She graduated with a BA in Community and Social Justice Studies from UCSC (Santa Cruz) in 2006. Her college electives included Shakespearean Theatre, photography, ceramics and yoga.

Following graduation, Orchid traveled on a volunteer vacation to Brazil, Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador, where she experienced a variety of landscapes, people, and wild animals. She worked at an animal refuge center where she daily fed and cared for more than 200 species of tropical birds and three types of monkeys.

In 2007, Orchid moved to Portland where she worked as barista/waitress. In 2010, she worked part-time as an After School Program Director and was introduced to the spiritually-minded philosophy of Waldorf teachings which views the child as head, heart, hands; and where creating an environment that is inclusive of all aspects of life.

She began training at the Micha-el Institute for Waldorf Teacher Training in 2010. She studied Anthroposophy (the wisdom of man) and Eurythmy (beautiful movement, a therapeutic dance), all aspects of Rudolph Steiner, Waldorf founder. Two years later, Orchid took a hiatus from teacher-training and worked on a Biodynamic Agriculture Farm in Mt. Shasta, CA.

Orchid’s father remarried when Orchid was 15 yrs old to Elizabeth "Bobsy" Draper. Just 3 yrs. later, in 2001, she died of breast cancer. Orchid lost her father to a rare cancer sarcoma at age 68 yrs. old in 2014. It was then that Orchid, at age 30, had lost her best friend, her Dad. It was at these times that she was taught about death and all of its formalities. In the fall of that year, Orchid traveled to Nepal and the Himalayan mountains for seven weeks to grieve the passing of her father and to renew herself. She climbed 13,550 ft. to the Annapurna base camp at the foot of Mt. Machapuchhre.

In 2016, with her Teacher Training Certificate in hand, Orchid went to work for Mother Earth School and the Portland Waldorf School.

When Orchid met Jeffrey in 2017, she had given up on online dating and was backing out of dating websites. As it turns out, both Orchid and Jeffrey were both “looking” on meetmindful.com. Just before unsubscribing from the website, Orchid saw Jeffrey’s picture/profile. Everything he said resonated with her. At that point, she thought at the very least, she wanted to be friends. Texting was their first mode of communication, but as soon as Jeffrey mentioned his teacher guide, Mahavatar Babaji, she asked him to call, as he was also Orchid’s guide. Both had called on Babaji to show them their perfect partner. Their first phone chat lasted four hours. The easy and natural conversation revealed they had so much in common.

After Jeffrey’s return from the 2017 Unity’s Ministerial Convention, Orchid nervously drove to Tacoma from Portland. The two walked Wright Park and talked for hours. Their first date lasted 10 days!

As Spirit would have it, Orchid got notice to move a month before meeting Jeffrey. After their first date at Wright Park, Orchid lost her job in Portland. As she put it, “Love clears the way of what’s meant to be.”

August 2017, Orchid moved into Jeffrey’s home and immediately got hired at the Tacoma Waldorf School. How right it felt. They are very much in love, ready to trust, and both wanting life partners and children.

In October 2018, we witnessed their commitment to one another at a wedding ceremony, and the announcement of another precious soul, a baby boy due in April. This spiritual community supports them in their new goals as parents and, eventually, as homeowners.

A baby boy will be welcomed into the family very soon.