Spiritual Education


Unity of South Sound offers a variety of classes that share empowering and loving spiritual wisdom.  
Participants in classes often experience a creative and nurturing atmosphere where their ideas are affirmed, expanded, and enriched as we explore various spiritual truths.
Classes are offered in late winter (February through March), summer (July), and fall (October through early November), and are typically from 7-9 pm once per week for 4 weeks.
Whether you are new to Unity, or a long-time member, we would love to see you!  Come and join us for a time of learning, empowerment and fun. 


Classes previously offered

The Biology of Belief
Joseph Campbell on the “Inward Journey: East and West” 
Emotional Alchemy
Wisdom of the Bhagavad Gita
Bible Interpretation: Hebrew Scriptures 
Metaphysics 1, 2 and 3
Unity Basics

Fall Synergy Study

Each fall we offer a 7-week study based on an engaging and inspiring spiritual book.

Over the course of these seven weeks, the Sunday message expands upon the book being explored. 
A variety of home study groups are available to discuss the teachings from the book and the Sunday message in greater depth.  Each group meets once a week. 
One can find the group time and location that works best for him/her.  

This casual and intimate setting allows individuals to explore their own beliefs, make friends, and connect with others in a spirit of Unity and love. 
Sign-ups to host a study group begin one month prior to group meetings which begin the Sunday after Labor Day.

Come and join us for a time of connection and fun!

Spring Prosperity Classes

Our Spring Prosperity Series is a joyful time of exploring our Unity Prosperity teachings. 
Prosperity is not just financial, but also includes our relationships, health, and spiritual growth. 
A series of four to five Sunday messages are given on prosperity and how we can open our hearts and minds to an increasing flow of abundance in our lives. 
The messages are accompanied by a short real-life prosperity story from congregants demonstrating the good that has come as a result of practicing these principles. 
In addition, our pledge drive runs alongside this series, providing a sacred time to step into intentional giving. 
As we give, so we receive, multiplied abundantly. 
Unity of South Sound is so deeply grateful and blessed by all that we receive and by all that we are able to give to our world.


Summer Outreach Projects

Festival Participation

We have booths at both the “Tacoma Pride Festival” and “Art on the Ave” in July. The festivals are often on consecutive days on the same weekend. We hand out Unity leaflets and Rainbow bead necklaces, tagged with our website logo. We also wear “Free Hugs” signs and offer hugs to attendees.


We offer Beading Parties to volunteers who tag and tie the beads to make the 1,400 necklaces, which are given out to attendees at the two festivals. 

Two Bead Parties, one on a weekday, the other on a Friday evening, are offered in June. Snacks, beverages and music are provided.

On the days of the two events, the booths are hosted by two people per two-hour shift.


Project Paintbrush

Paint Tacoma Beautiful is a community outreach program that is sponsored through Associated Ministries in Tacoma. The goal is to paint and weatherize the houses of 30 low-income homeowners each summer. 

Unity of South Sound has participated for eight years. A team of volunteers commits to painting one house. Once the home is assigned, workdays begin on Saturdays in July.

In addition to the volunteer workers, some come to the project home with lunches and friendly support.

Congregants also donate paint supplies throughout the home refurbishing process. Donations include: paint brushes, paint pans, paint pan liners, caulking guns, caulk, painters tape, drop cloths, ladders, scrapers, and the use of a pressure washer.

The project is usually complete within four weeks. The homeowner, often an elderly person, welcomes the loving spirit of of the paint crew and the appearance of their newly beautified home.