We would like to give a big “Thank You” to all who have participated in our Community Gatherings so far this year. 

We will be holding a several Community Gathering opportunities in the coming months. This will be a time of requesting and receiving information about our Minister Search and other church updates. These events will be held in-person, live-streamed over Facebook, and uploaded to YouTube later today so please plan to join us in whichever way you feel most comfortable! 

Update:  We have scheduled our third Minister Candidates to visit us over the weekends of April 2nd and 3rd! Rev. Meghan Smith Brooks will hold a workshop on Saturday, April 2nd from 1:30pm-3:30pm, and will give our Sunday message on Sunday, April 3rd at 10am. 

Check out our notes from our Visioning at our Nov. Community Gathering event: 

Visioning Session  ---   August 22, 2021   -- Unity of South Sound

Qualities we wish to see in Minister:  

Mystic  (9)

Enthusiasm (8)

Kindness (8)

Emotional & Spiritual Intelligence (7)

Organized (7)

Humorous (7)

Embraces Diviersity (5)

Business Savvy (4) 

Wisdom (4) 

Creative (4) 

Speaker/Facilitator (4) 

Open to other Faith Traditions (4) 

Compassion (3) 

Lightness of Spirit (3) 

Non-Dual Consciousness (3)

Intelligent (2)

Structured (2) 

Academic Intelligence (2)

Magnetic (1)

Visionary (1) 

Co-Creator (1) 

Wholeheartedness (1)





What do we need to let go of?  

Fear The Need to know

Ego Doubt (self)

Control Anxiety

The Past Apathy

Limiting Thoughts Shyness

Resistance Assumptions

Judgement Unworthiness



What do we need to Embody?   

Vulnerability Clarity

Openness encouraging

Present Fun

Curious Trusting

Unconditional Love Engaged

Supported Combines East & West Spirituality

Acceptance Intuitive

Loving Integrated

Grounded Faithful

Example Mentor

Compassionate Listener Seeker


What is the Ministry of Unity of South Sound?

Compassionate-open-communion with Spirit and our community. Peace.

Unconditional love, support, spiritual teaching, healing, wholeness.

Activities besides just sermons; activities outside of church; receptions after service.

Compassion, Energy, Love, Empowerment of the congregation.

Guiding people to become their best self; helping people to recognize and accept the Christ within.

The right minister for the needs of this community.

Bringing the community together

Helping people to awaken

A community of those opened to the light that each of us carry within us — that are willing and able to draw that out in others. 

Peace, harmony, community.

Creativity, joyfulness

Healthy co-creation; the creation of safe space to explore and discover higher consciousness and health in relation with others on the path of spiritual awakening.